String Construction

There are 2 types of string construction: continuous loop and flemish twist.

Continuous Loop.png

Continuous loop (also known as an endless loop) is a single strand of string material wrapped around in a loop to set the length of the string and continues for the desired number of strands. So to make a 14 strand string, 7 complete loops are formed. When they come together, they form a 14 strand bundle. This is what we recommend for the majority of strings.


Flemish twist strings are composed of a number of individual lengths of material of tapering lengths. 2 bundles are formed and they are twisted together. This twisting construction forms the end loop, so no end serving is used for a flemish twist string. Because of the construction method, flemish strings are stretchier than their continuous loop counterparts. This is an excellent choice for traditional shooters or those shooting vintage bows that may not have reinforced limb tips. Extra padding can be added to the end loops.

String Materials

There are many string materials out there. To help sift through that information, here's what we recommended as a good starting point for various setups:

  • Olympic Recurve: 16-18 strands of 8125 continuous loop

  • Barebow Recurve: 16-18 strands of 8125 continuous loop

  • Traditional Recurve: 14-16 strands of B55 flemish twist

  • Longbow: 12-16 strands of 8125 continuous loop

  • Vintage bows without reinforced limb tips: 14-16 strands of B55 flemish twist or continuous loop (possibly with padded loops)

8125 & D97

8125 and D97 are the same material just in different diameters. 8125 is thinner and will lend itself to a rounder finished string is the choice of many top shooters. 

Maker: BCY

Composition: 100% SK75 Dyneema® fiber.

652 Spectra

652 Spectra has a bit more stretch to it than 8125 or D97 so it can have a spongier feel. It is still preferred by many Korean Olympic Recurve archers.

Maker: BCY

Composition: Spectra 1000 (Same as Fast Flight™)


B55 it still has more stretch than 8125, D97, and 652 Spectra. Some traditional archers prefer it for flemish twist strings and/or vintage bows without reinforced limb tips.

Maker: BCY

Composition: 100% polyester Dacron

Bloodline 99

Bloodline 99 is made by a new string manufacturer. While intended for compound bows, there is a trend where this very low stretch material is used for flemish twist strings.

Maker: Bloodline Fibers

Composition: Dyneema® SK99 + Proprietary coating


End Serving Materials

Our standard end serving material is BCY 2X because it conforms to curves very well and is resistant to separating. It also comes in a variety of colors. Premium serving may be used for an additional $5 per string. These are BCY Halo, BCY 62XS, Angel Majesty, or Bloodline BOA.


Here's what we recommend based on your priorities:

  • Don't really care what material is used? - BCY 2X in black

  • Want the end serving to match the string material color - BCY 2x in color

  • Want the string material to show through the serving - BCY transparent Halo

  • Durability is the main concern - BCY 62XS in black

  • Want the end serving to last far longer than the string itself - Angel Majesty in black



• Very flexible for bending around corners (like end loops)

• Comes in a variety of colors


• Starts fuzzing faster than some of the materials listed below.

Material: 100% Dyneema® or Spectra 

Breaking Strength: 50 lbs (.015")

BCY Halo


• Comes in black or transparent (to show the string beneath)

• Very durable


• Not quite as flexible around curves

Material: 100% Braided Spectra

Breaking Strength: 45 lbs (.014")



• Very flexible for bending around corners (like end loops)

• Very durable


• Comes only in black

Material: Braided material containing Spectra or Dyneema®

Breaking Strength: Unknown (.014")

Angel Majesty Spool.png
Angel Majesty


• Very durable

• Does not show signs of wear


• Does not conform to curves and transition areas as well as some other serving materials.

• Is susceptible to nicks and cuts

Material: Blend of HMPE and polyester.

Breaking Strength: Unknown (.015")

Bloodline Spool_SM.png
Bloodline BOA


• Very durable

• Very similar to Angel Majesty


• Not as strong as Angel Majesty

• Has quite a bit of memory (meaning if it gets cut it unravels easily)

Material: HMPE, polyester, proprietary fiber, proprietary coating

Breaking Strength: Unknown (.014")


Center Serving Materials

All center servings are done with Angel Majesty in black as this has proven to be the best center serving material around lasting far longer than the string itself.  It does not wear and provides a consistent nock fit.


For those barebow shooters who are string walking as their aiming method, we still recommend Angel Majesty. However some string walkers find it to be too slippery. For those archers, we recommend BCY Powergrip as a less slippery alternative.

Angel Majesty Spool.png
Angel Majesty

Angel Majesty serving is very durable blend of HMPE and polyester. Practically the only way to destroy it is to cut it, so do be careful when tying in or cutting off the nock set.

BCY Powergrip

BCY Powergrip is a braided spectra and nylon material coated with resin.

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