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Archer shooting


Video or In Person

I am available to work with archers either in person in the San Diego area or remotely via Zoom. I specialize in Olympic Recurve archery.

Julie Bergen Headshot

Julie Bergen, Level 4 NTS Coach


You will need your own bow, arrows, arm guard, tab, finger sling, stretch band, arrow counter, etc.


For Zoom lessons you will need a tripod, an internet connection, and a mount for your phone or tablet. You'll also need a bale and a safe place to shoot. Distance is not important.

In Person

For in person lessons you will need all your archery equipment, stretch band,


Lessons cost $75 and last about an hour. Lessons can be scheduled weekly or less frequently as needed.

What to expect

  • Shooting Log - Archers will be expected to keep and share a shooting log (template below)

  • Score Tracking & Daily Arrow Counts - Archers will keep a spreadsheet of arrow counts and scores to track progress and identify PRs (personal records) (template below)

  • Homework - Archers will have assignments to complete each week

  • Video - Video will be taken of the archer's shot and kept in a file to track progress

  • Training Plan - Based on the archer's goals a training plan may be created and tracked

  • Competition Calendar - Competitions in which the archer plans to complete will be tracked on a shared calendar

  • Goal Setting - Goals will be set and referred to periodically

Archer Application


Thanks for your interest! I will be in touch.

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