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BCY Mercury SK99 Dyneema

BCY Mercury material is an SK99 material that is quite a bit thinner than 8125 and has less stretch.


For Mercury we recommend the following strand counts as a starting point:

  • 24 strands (20-24 lbs draw weight)
  • 26 strands (25-30 lbs draw weight)
  • 28 strands (31-36 lbs draw weight)
  • 30 strands (37-42 lbs draw weight)
  • 32 strands (43-48 lbs draw weight)
  • 34 strands (49+ lbs draw weight)


Your new string - please specify:

  • Strand count
  • Color: available only in black or white
  • Length


Your bow - please specify:

  • Riser make/model/length(21", 23", 25", 27")/handedness - example: Hoyt GMX 25" right handed
  • Limbs make/model/draw weight/length(short, medium, long) - example: Hoyt Axia 36lb medium
  • Nocks make/model/size - example: Beiter #1 pin nocks
  • Shooting style - example: Olympic recurve, barebow, traditional, hunting recurve

Mercury String

  • We can determine the string length needed with your riser and limb specifications and by referencing bow manufacturer recommendations. Strings will come at that length with a standard number of twists already in the string and prestretched to reduce break in time. However if you have a string that gives you the desired brace height for your particular bow, we can match that. Here's how to measure.

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