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D97 bow string

BCY D97 is very similar to 8125 but is a bit thicker so if you are accustomed to 8125 then strand count should be reduced by about 18%.


Strand Count - For D97 we recommend the following strand counts as a starting point:

  • 12 strands (20-28 lbs draw weight)
  • 14 strands (29-38 lbs draw weight)

  • 16 strands (39-48 lbs draw weight)

  • 18 strands (49+ lbs draw weight)


Your string - please specify:

  • Strand count
  • Color: available only in yellow, gold, royal blue, black cherry, gunmetal, and black
  • Length


Your bow - please specify:

  • Riser make/model/length(21", 23", 25", 27")/handedness - example: Hoyt GMX 25" right handed
  • Limbs make/model/draw weight/length(short, medium, long) - example: Hoyt Axia 36lb medium
  • Nocks make/model/size - example: Beiter #1 pin nocks
  • Shooting style - example: Olympic recurve, barebow, traditional, hunting recurve

D97 String

  • We can determine the string length needed with your riser and limb specifications and by referencing bow manufacturer recommendations. Strings will come at that length with a standard number of twists already in the string and prestretched to reduce break in time. However if you have a string that gives you the desired brace height for your particular bow, we can match that. Here's how to measure.

Not all colors available in all materials. See color availability by material.

Need help choosing the specs for your next string? Feel free to send an email or check out the recommendations on the material page.

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