Custom Archery Bow Strings

Custom & made for your particular needs. Specializing in single-string bows including Olympic recurve, barebow, and traditional bows.



Detail is kind of our thing ... hence the OCD. Precision is our first priority and we take pride in our work.

Quality Materials

Only the highest quality materials are used. When you dedicate your life to a sport, you don't want to skimp on your equipment.


• Olympic recurve bow strings

• Barebow bow strings

• Longbow bow strings

• Flemist twist bow strings

Also customize color, materials, and anything else you can think of!


Customize to your heart's content

  • Choose your color (or colors). Why commit to just one???

  • Customize the number of strands and material used.

  • Do you run a high brace height? We can make your string slightly shorter so you don't have too many twists in your string.

  • Prefer a different length center serving? We can do that!

  • Don't want serving hiding your chosen string color? We can do transparent serving!


String Colors

All BCY colors available in 8125. 652 Spectra, D97, and B55 also available in limited colors.


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Continuous Loop Strings

Continuous loop strings are a standard for Olympic recurve  and barebow archers.

Starting at $35

Flemish Twist Strings

A classic choice for longbows or vintage trad bows.

Starting at $30

Bow String Care

Everything you need to setup and maintain your string.

Starting at $2

OCD Accessories

From OCD swag to organizers ... we have everything necessary to fully OCD your gear!

Starting at $7


Julie Bergen, Archer & Stringmaker

I've been making things my whole life and when I do something, I do it 100%. So when I started shooting archery, I wanted to know all about my equipment and do everything myself. I learned how to make strings for my own bow. Then before I knew it I was making them for most of my team.  Now as a Level 4 NTS and RED program coach I understand what an archer needs in a string.


I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. For 7 years, I was a professional flutemaker, making customized instruments. I have been a glassblower since 2006. It is the precision and attention to detail I learned from these pursuits that I bring to string-making.


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