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Setup & care

Get the most out of your string with proper care.


  • The first thing you'll want to do with your new string is to tie in your nock set. There are many methods for doing this, but here is our recommended method for a movable nock set. It allows for fine tuning of the nock height without having to cut them off. Use glue on the outer edges to make sure it stays in place once you've found the ideal location.

  • All strings are pre-stretched so they should settle in to a consistent brace height after a few hundred arrows.

Nock set tying.png


Some strings need to be waxed while others don't. It depends upon the material your string is made of.

  • For waxed materials (such as BCY 8125, 652, D97, or Mercury)

    • Apply wax periodically to help protect your string from wear and to waterproof it.

    • ​Start with your bow strung and apply wax to the areas of the string without serving. Do not wax the serving.

    • Use a piece of leather to work the wax into the strands and heat up the wax. Strip off any excess wax by wrapping a length of string or dental floss around the string and dragging it over the areas of the string without serving.

    • Wax to your string approximately every 300-400 arrows (or once per week if you are shooting outdoors often).

  • For waxless materials (such as Angel or Glory Pro)

    • Wax should not be applied as these materials have a proprietary coating to protect them. Go forth and live your life without feeling guilty about not waxing your string.

Wax Sizes.jpeg


  • Use a stringer when stringing your bow.

  • Attach your end loops to each other to avoid loosing your twists when you disassemble the bow. This will keep your brace height. 

  • Add or remove twists to adjust your brace height.

  • Don't bend the serving when storing.

  • Check your string for wear on a regular basis.

  • Unstring your bow when not shooting.

Tie end loops.png
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