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Weight Targeted String

Have a string that is tuned perfectly with your bow but it's really worn out? Then you may want a new string built to that exact weight. That is possible but there are a few things that make such a feat difficult:

  • String material weight
    • Waxed materials vary in wax content between spools (even of the same manufacturer, material, and color)
    • Materials with a wax free coating have less variation, but still require some trial and error to get a specific weight
  • There are other factors that should be consistent prior to attempting to match a string of a particular weight:
    • Nocks & nock fit
    • String length (brace height)
    • Center serving length and position
    • Center serving material


The following things may need to be altered in order to get you to a target weight:

  • End serving material
  • Number of strands
  • String color
  • Nocks (the strand count required may necessitate different nocks)

Weight Targeted String

  • It's recommended that you purchase your own spools of material to be used exclusively for your strings. These can be purchased yourself and mailed, or purchased through OCD Strings. They will be stored at OCD Strings and used only for your orders. This will help with consistency and allow for less trial and error when making future strings.

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