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Bow string autopsy

Updated: Apr 23

Bow string on grain scale

I've gotten a few requests to make strings to a particular weight. I'd love to accommodate such a request, but that's easier said than done. One customer suggested I weight it as I go and add more material in certain areas (such as the end serving length) to get that desired weight. That sounds great except for the fact that I can't really remove the string from the jig and keep tension on the strands at the same time.

So this is what's led me the bow string autopsy (the methodical deconstruction of the bow string) so I can weigh it at each point of deconstruction and figure out how much each component weighs. The starting weight of the sacrificial string is 98.8 grains. It's 16 strands of 652 spectra material with angel majesty center serving and BCY 2X end serving. Here goes!

Center serving

7" of served .021 Angel Majesty = 7.2 grains

4 strands of string material run under the serving for nock fit = 2.1 grains

End serving

1" loop and 6" overall length of served BCY 2X (bottom end serving) = 4.2 grains

1 3/4" loop and 6" overall length of served BCY 2X (top end serving) = 4.3 grains

String material

16 strands of BCY 652 @ 69.125" = 1,106" string material = 80.5 grains = 0.073 grains per inch

Now can I use these numbers to predict the exact weight of a new string? We shall see!

So there it is if anyone cares or can use this info. These numbers are specific to my builds, but maybe they will serve as a good point of comparison for others trying to do the same. I think the bigger question is how do I not have anything better to do on a long holiday weekend ...

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