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A word on archery safety from AI

Updated: Apr 23

We all know how important safety is in archery. Here's a brief review:

Pink haired girl holding lots of bow strings

Short haired archer with bow parts

A bow is not a toy and should be treated with respect.

Female archer with bow and detached riser grip

Make sure your equipment is in good condition before shooting.

Illustration of girl with crazy eyes and bow splinters


Happy girl with glasses and arrows going through her head

Make sure you shoot only in a safe direction.

Happy girl with head between bow parts

Do not put any part of your body between a bow and a drawn bow string.

Girl drawing a bow with another bow

Do not draw your bow ... with another bow.

Happy girl with bow strings behind her head

... or with your head

Archer with many arrows on bow and sticking out tongue

Shoot only one arrow at a time.

Archer using bow parts in her mouth

Use archery equipment only for its intended purpose.

Happy girl using arrows to floss?

Archery equipment is NOT dentist approved.

Girl with mouth wide open possibly eating a Beiter block

Do not eat the Beiter blocks. I repeat, DO NOT EAT THE BEITER BLOCKS!

Archer with blond pony tail and Thor's bow hand

A giant masculine bow hand helps with bow stability.

Short haired archer with too many arms

As does an additional bow arm.

Pink haired girl holding lots of bow strings

Be careful out there!

A special thanks to AI for ... whatever that was.

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