Spectra 652 Flemish Twist String

A flemish twist is a classic choice for traditional archers. This style of string feels a bit stretchier than a continuous loop string. It's a great choice for longbows or vintage trad bows.


Colors available:

  • Purple
  • Flo Purple
  • Silver
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black


Your bow - please specify:

  • Bow make/model/length/handedness/draw weight - example: 66" Toleke Whip, right handed, 38lbs@27"
  • Nocks make/model/size - example: Easton Super Nocks
  • Shooting style - example: Olympic recurve, barebow, traditional

Spectra 652 Flemish Twist String

  • Top loop will be 2" and bottom will be 1 1/2". Center serving will be 7" long (4" above the center point and 3" below). These measurements can be customized upon request.


Need help choosing the specs for your next string? Feel free to send an email or check out the recommendations on the material page.