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Archery Path Seminar Bundle Graphic

If you're planning to attend an Archery Path Tuning & Optimization Seminar, here are the strigns they recommend to get the most out of your seminar experience:

  1. Standard string (or manufacturer recommended length)
  2. A string 1/2" longer than the standard string
  3. A string 1/2" longer AND 4 fewer strands (depending upon material) than the standard string


With these 3 strings you will be able to experiment with lower brace heights and ligher/heavier string to fine tune that optimization.


    Your bow - please specify:

    • Riser make/model/length(21", 23", 25", 27")/handedness - example: Hoyt GMX 25" right handed
    • Limbs make/model/draw weight/length(short, medium, long) - example: Hoyt Axia 36lb medium
    • Nocks make/model/size - example: Beiter #1 pin nocks
    • Shooting style - example: Olympic recurve, barebow, traditional, hunting recurve


    Your new strings - please specify:

    • Length
    • Colors (see colors available for each material)
    • Strand count
    • End serving material perference

    Archery Path Seminar Bundle

    • To eliminate all other variables all 3 strings need to be the same color as different colors can affect the mass weight of the string due to inconsitencies in wax content to make those colors and manufacturer inconsistencies.

    • All strings will have the following:

      • Center serving 4" above and 3" below the center of the string
      • Top loop 1 3/4", bottom loop 1 1/8", end serving 6" overall
      • Nock fit will separate at 1/2" when pulled from brace height (or as close as possible to that depending upon your nock style)
      • String length will be the targeted length with a standard number of twists already in it
      • All string are prestretched

      Any of these can be cusomized upon request. Please include customizations in your order.

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