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Serving a bow string

Custom Archery Bow Strings

Custom & made for your particular needs. Specializing in single-string bows including Olympic recurve, barebow, and traditional bows.


Detail is kind of our thing ... hence the OCD. Precision is our first priority and we take pride in our work.

Quality Materials

Only the highest quality materials are used. When you dedicate your life to a sport, you don't want to skimp on your equipment.


All strings are pre-stretched. Our pre-stretching method is optimized for single string bows and allows for consistent brace height with very little break-in.

Bow string being built


Strings can be customized for:

  • Olympic recurve

  • Barebow

  • Longbow

The following can be customized:

  • String material

  • Colors

  • Strand count

  • Length to optimize brace height

  • End serving material

  • Center serving material, length, & position

Bow string spools

See chart for color availability

String Colors

Order Today!

Continuous Loop Bow Strings

Continuous loop strings are a standard for Olympic recurve, barebow, and longbow archers.

Starting at $38

Bow String Care

Everything you need to setup and maintain your string.

Starting at $3

OCD Accessories

From OCD swag to organizers ... we have everything necessary to fully OCD your gear!

Starting at $4

String Consult Framed.png

String consultation

Schedule a 15-minute session with an expert string builder to discuss your unique needs and plan your next string.

Closeup of bow string
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